W.N Registrations FAQ's

Q. How do I buy a registration from W.N. Registrations?

A. Once you decide which registration you would like, just email us at will@wnreg.com or telephone us on 02870 824332    or  07719325490

Q. How much does it cost to buy a private registration?

Please note . There is No Vat to pay on our prices.


A. Our cheapest Registration Marks  are £39  plus  the DVLA transfer fee of £80, therefore the  total price amounts to £119

These are predominantly Northern Irish dateless plates, and can range anywhere in price, up to £3000.  The more popular a registration is  ie if the reg mark has a first name or significant letters, the more expensive it will be.



Q. How long does the process of buying a registration take?

A. It normally takes 10 days from we receive your V5 registration  document,

Some registrations [ not all ] can be transferred the same day , for this service you must already  have the V5 for your vehicle  taxed and registered in your name . Payment will have to be made by Bank Transfer .

Q. Once I buy a new registration, what happens to the old one?

A. Unless you apply to retain it,or  transfer it at the same time as you transfer / retain the new registration mark,  - your old registration mark  will become void.


Q. What do I get for my money?

A. You buy the right to display the registration on your vehicle, in your name or the name of another person. We support you in the buying and aftersales process, by arranging everything with the DVLA, so you don't have to.

Once Dvla have completed the transfer to your vehicle you will recieve a new V5 Registration document showing   the new registration number .


if you have choosen to have the registration mark put onto a Retention Certificate ,

you will receive a  Retention Certificate   , showing  the new registration number. d

Please note , the actual Plates are not included . you can obtain these , either at your local gargage , motorstore or online etc.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency

W.N. Registrations is not affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations .       W.N Registrations is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations

should you have any further queries or questions, please contact us HERE


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